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NY police find bloating body during welfare check
Man in San Francisco overdoses on Fentanyl

No news if the man survived. From the looks of it, he probably didn't.

Hello wonderful members of WPD of Colombia!

Good to see most of you are still in the comments section and not, God forbid, above the fold in the videos! No Darwin Awards for this crowd!

Anyhooty, I want to open the discussion about if it's a good or bad thing to make fun of and mock the dead, especially when they die for some stupid reason (and we all know what that looks like!)

I hope this is received well in the community here and we can decide once and for all who should rule the comments section and who is a witch.

I’m not to sure as to what exactly happened but I’ve heard the man died and others say he was knocked out. From the way it seems it looks like the poor dude might’ve died. (Somewhere in Russia?) had to repost since first post the video wouldn’t upload.

Man dives under passing 18-wheeler (w/ video of aftermath)


Man barely alive after blowing up explosive in his mouth
Grandmama burning alive and the police don't give a fuck

According to Consuela Maria Romalez, a 95 year old witch, this woman is burning because she was allegedly a witch

Reported by:

  • ozleer: been reposted shit ton of times

At 12:00 p.m. on August 9, 2022, Pol. Col. Manasvet Thongim, Superintendent of Khu Khot Police Station, Pol. Lt. Col. Prasit Somboonchit, Deputy Superintendent of Investigation at Khu Khot Police Station, Police Officers And investigative kits, both in and out of uniform, brought a 40-year-old woman from Bang Nam Chiew Subdistrict, Phrom Buri District, Sing Buri Province, the suspect who used a firearm to shoot a 40-year-old husband, with 4 bullets piercing the body until death. The incident occurred. Inside the four corners of the city market

Nearly 100 people were close to the deceased relatives watching over the planning. Starting from the point where the perpetrator got off the taxi car. Then walked to the deceased in front of the plastic shop. After the deceased finished offering food to monks Draw a gun out of a backpack. Before the assailant fired two shots at the victim before the victim fell to the ground and fired two more shots before the victim pointed a gun to his head.

Then the perpetrator fell down to talk to the deceased. Before a good citizen came to snatch a firearm and bind the perpetrator to a steel pole in front of the shop. Throughout the planning of the confession, the police had to keep those who were not involved. not to be lynched

Later, the accused pays respects to the mother of the deceased. In order to apologize, ask for forgiveness for causing the incident whose mother was in a state of anger try to kick foot The police had to bring the accused into a police van back to investigate immediately at the Khu Khot Police Station.

The accused stated that I have to apologize to the family of the deceased as well. I myself feel very sorry. After the incident, I wanted to die with him.

Pol Col Manaswet Thongim, superintendent of Khu Khot Police Station, revealed that after the confession had been made, the accused were taken for further questioning. Initially, investigators reported 4 charges: intentional killing of another person, carrying a firearm in the city. unauthorized public way, unreasonable shooting in public and possessing firearms without permission Tomorrow, the accused will be taken to the Thanyaburi Provincial Court for detention. for further legal proceedings


Idk wtf is wrong with the audio but I only found this version sadly

Edit: Ok so it looks like OP didn't fix his phone so the audio sounds terrible... But good news I found the site finally!

For more info:

Happened in Cengong county, southwest China.

Son impatiently opens the elevator door by hand, presumably that's a great idea,

Father walks in slowly to the shaft and then falls to his death.

Let me know if this is a repost

People Smugglers Torturing and Killing Afghan Asylum Seekers

Twitter link:

Google translates the tweet as this:

From taking hostages to cutting off ears and noses to killing job seekers and asylum seekers from Afghanistan by Iranian smugglers.

According to the videos that have been seen among the users of the social pages, it shows the most obscene harassment and atrocities on the Afghan asylum seekers on the way to Iran and Turkey by the Iranian smugglers.

Indian man jumped in a well got electrocuted and drowned.

edited the title with electrocutin thnx to the comments

Scooter rider flies down the stairs in Taiwan


This afternoon (10) Taipei City, there was a strange accident of falling off a bridge. A 40-year-old male bicyclist surnamed Wang was traveling through the Minquan Bridge in Neihu when he suddenly fell off the bridge and lost his life on the spot, and was rushed to the hospital but still had no chance of survival.

This afternoon, about 4:00 pm, Wang male bicycle from Songshan to the direction of Neihu, but unexpectedly riding to the Neihu Minquan Bridge, for unknown reasons, the whole person from the four-story high bridge, fell to the ground, the scene is covered with a lot of blood, Wang male lost breathing and heartbeat on the spot, nearby people saw the situation and called the police, Wang male was also taken to the General Hospital of the Army in Neihu to rescue, but ultimately still too serious injuries, the rescue was pronounced dead.

The car recorder, which was waiting for the red light under the Minquan Bridge, also captured this frightening moment. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

The police found the gray motorcycle that Wang was riding on the Minquan Bridge and found that the left side of the bike had obvious signs of damage, but they could not confirm whether the accident was caused by the accident. The police found that the man was riding in the outermost lane of the bridge and there were no other vehicles in front of him or around him, but when the people's cars passed by, they saw that his car had fallen to the side of the road and he had flown off the bridge. However, other details of the cause of the accident are still to be clarified by the police investigation.

Jumped from a flat onto the street.
NY man an shoots his ex-girlfriend in the back of her head
Hitman executes victim with shot to back of head


Traders in the municipality of Santander de Quilichao confirmed the murder of a person at the entrance of an establishment on Carrera 13 and Calle VIII.

The deadly events happened in the early hours of the morning today August 10 when the victim was attacked with a firearm.

"It is a boy whose name is apparently Fabián Montenegro, unfortunately he died at the scene of the incident, as a result of several shots in the head," said journalists of this municipality.

Now judicial officials are advancing the corresponding judicial proceedings of the case.

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Woman gets shot after letting her guard down.

no context

High speed truck takes out SUV.

Whole ass cities made of concrete held together with paper mache. Drivers who are better off backing over you than to get you help. Open gas mains. No Osha regulations.

Makes Brazil seem safe