:#marseytrain: WPD is not your therapist. Stop reporting comments for being insensitive or mean. - WPD site banner

WPD is not your therapist. Stop reporting comments for being insensitive or mean.

Reports are flooded with people flagging comments for being mean to anonymous dead people. I don’t care. You shouldn’t care either. No one should care and I don’t think anyone actually does care.

Oh wah, this guy called the dead girl a retard for falling off a roof and getting impaled on a fence! Jannies, jannies, help! He’s being insensitive 😭

Shut the FUCK UP. You’re spending your free time on a website to watch people’s loved ones die, often in agony, for your own entertainment. You don’t get to pretend to have some sort of moral quandary with people typing mean words about the dead people you’re being entertained by. This is hands down the most ludicrous virtue signaling I’ve ever seen. And - worst of all - it floods out actual reports of real problems, like CSAM material and/or threats of violence. So cut the shit.

Similarly, this isn’t Reddit. Someone is calling you a faggot, or stupid, or whatever? Why do you care? They’re words on a screen typed by a faceless stranger. They can’t hurt you. The comment won’t be removed. Use the block feature if you’re that hopelessly fragile, and God help you if you ever have to go outside and try to interact with real people.

The one exception is “hate speech” stuff - we can’t have that. This isn’t me moralizing at you, or trying to suppress your commentary, it’s literally just something that can and will get us kicked off of our otherwise-extremely-accommodating host. “Haha good, all Koreans deserve to die” and shit like that - this is bad and an existential threat to WPD until we one day have baremetal servers and are self-hosting. It’s also just a pointlessly stupid comment to make, but pointlessly stupid comments are fine. Just make ones that don’t put the site at risk of being taken down.

Thanks! Have a fun day!

I love you.

xoxo clitpeeler 💋

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What if this community didn't degenerate into a fucking edge lord cesspool like every other fucking gore site on the Internet? Like if it's just gonna turn into that this site is a fucking joke cause it just steals content from other gore sites anyways. Am I an asshole for watching gore? Not really. I don't get off to this shit, just have an extremely morbid curiosity and plenty of mental health issues. I honestly detest torture gore because the perpetrators are honestly fucking pathetic individuals with the same brain waves as the retards commenting edgy shit on here.

If I wanted cringe content I'd go elsewhere.

Fuck count: 4

This shit is so embarrassing

Make WPD Ablate Again

I’m not a fan of pretending like it’s any of my business regulating what people are and aren’t allowed to say. What’s truly embarrassing is how rare this sentiment is. What’s even more embarrassing is the fact that you seem to take issue with just A) not reading comments; you’re here for the videos anyway, or B) utilizing the block feature.

Can you explain to me how suppressing the speech of people you don’t like is preferable to just blocking them so you don’t have to see things that you don’t like?

I'm not suggesting suppressing free speech, I'm just not a fan of toxic dumbfuckery. That's what I liked about this community: people who weren't trying to seek attention through being an absolute scum bag and then calling anybody else who calls them out on their shit a snowflake. I'm not offended, I just think it's embarrassing.

Make WPD Ablate Again

Nigga, you crying about comments is what's embarrassing. You 14 years old or something? Also, who the fuck uses the word "toxic" unironically? You the softest little baby in here, no wonder you get called snowflake for "calling others out" (complaining)


^ This you ^

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"this you" has me dead lol

You lurked on 4chan for like one hour to come up with this comment didn't you

Yes bright guy, I can't insult people on my own, I need to outsource all my work to 4chan.


Let me guess, you lurked on reddit for 5 days trying to formulate a response to my trolling. It shows.

Reddit tard moment


You seem like a massive cute twink

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Serious use of twink detected, opinion invalid

You sound like a little bitch

Pretty sure he's saying that removing shitty comments leads to better convos and over all feel to the site. If you don't want that cool, it's just going to make the site shittier over all

Resident dumbass

What would be an example of a productive conversation on, say, Crazy naked lady with great hair electrocuted on powerlines?

I’m of the opinion that there’s little meaningful discourse to be had on a platform whose purpose is to be entertained by snuff videos. People are here to have fun; pretending that there’s some greater underlying purpose is ludicrous. And let’s just assume that there is some potentially deeply meaningful spiritual insight to be had under that video - how does scrolling past a comment thread you’re not a fan of (that somehow got upvoted above this theoretical insightful discussion) damage that meritorious conversation in any way?

I didn't say it all had to be productive, but I've learned some amazing survival tips for living in the real world, like how to give myself the heimlich if I'm alone and choking, slowing down before greens for red light runners, how to stay afloat if I find myself in water with no floatation device, etc. We can have these convos or make dumb jokes are whatever, but letting the comments stay downright vile for "freedom of speech" purposes just makes this place worse.

Resident dumbass

Suck a dick or touch grass. Do one of those today. I implore you.

If you would take a look at my name, I do, indeed, suck dicks often. I also take daily 15min walks in my neighborhood park 😊👍 I'm all set

Resident dumbass

You might need to bump that dick sucking up to daily, I prescribe cum in eyes stat.

He prefers to cum in other places, he won't give me a facial 😡

Resident dumbass

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You already backed away from your original point? Good lord, you people are pathetic.

>Pretty sure he's saying that removing shitty comments leads to better convos and over all feel to the site.

>We can have these convos or make dumb jokes are whatever, but letting the comments stay downright vile for "freedom of speech" purposes just makes this place worse.

I don't see how these oppose each other or how I backed down from my original thought. Unnecessarily shitty comments lead to an over all poorer quality site.

Resident dumbass

that removing shitty comments leads to better convos

Prove it. Good luck dealing with the arbitrary.

>Good luck dealing with the arbitrary.

Subtly admitting to me that you won't accept anything I say anyways lol

MMC had some basic civility rules and was the most chill gore sub. There weren't fifteen comments under every post talking about how much of a retard the people were, and you could actually have conversations. That's quite literally all I'm asking for and people are calling me a crybaby, a snowflake, and a censorist lol

I'm pretty sure what I'm asking for is reasonable

Resident dumbass

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"Unnecessarily shitty comments lead to an over all poorer quality site." This is exactly what I mean

Make WPD Ablate Again

There is still an online community here regardless of the content present. The content isn't illegal, just extremely graphic and of course everybody who watches it has a different reason for watching. I just don't think toxic behavior should be encouraged because then the assholes get empowered and start harassing other people. Yeah sure there's a block button but if they don't get the attention they need, they're gonna just make a shit ton of alt accounts (I.e. Ripper) until the site becomes a shit show echo chamber like every other gore site.

Also you believe there is little meaningful discourse here but there was when it was on Reddit and there still would be if Reddit wasn't a corporate sell out (and there still is pending the inevitable edge lord apocalypse of those discussions)

Make WPD Ablate Again

Generation Snowflake I presume

Agree you can ignore the irrelevant comments and still have a productive chat

bro clutched a 10v1 💀

Flakiest of snows. Even went the extra step of defending why ur on the site to gain moral high ground. Pick a bridge.

People who don’t use the site are very mad about this.


So new comers think it's shitty that nothing will be done about terrible comments... and that's a bad thing? You're just actively pushing away new people.

Resident dumbass

We’re at 4,000 registrations in about 16 hours. None of them are leaving the site, and if they do leave over comments, that’s fine too. Playing at being the fun police would similarly drive people away. You can’t appeal to everyone, and I’ve little desire to bend WPD’s knee to censors. First it’s the comments calling a dead person foolish, then it’s the comments making a pun, then it’s the ones calling the victim hot, then it’s the “dangerous” videos themselves like Christchurch.

Again, I cannot stress enough how frothingly insane it is to be called to censor commentary on a platform that only exists because it was censored off another platform. Is the cognitive dissonance not suffocating?

If doing basic admin work is "bending to the censors" then idk what to tell you friend. If you can't see a middle ground between "censoring" and absolute vile shit existing on this platform, I can't make you see it.🤷‍♂️ Thanks for the convo anyways

Resident dumbass

Basic admin work isn’t “capitulating to a small handful of people who are entertained by visual depictions of the apex of human suffering, but deeply upset by tasteless words on a screen that they went out of their way to read,” that’s insanity. You are here, on a website you signed up for, for the express purpose of watching things like people’s heads getting sawed off, impalements, deglovings, tires around necks being set on fire, and on and on and on and on. You cannot possibly expect me to believe that you have any real issue with comments like “shame, she had great tits,” or “lmao dumb ass what u think would happen ??” outside of some shockingly misguided compartmentalization wherein you’ve convinced yourself that there’s nothing ethically wrong with what you’re doing here and that you’re somehow a good person because “maybe I am entertained by watching kids’ parents die screaming, but it’s not like I’m a bad person who says mean things about them to strangers!”

Earlier you referenced the fact that every other gore/snuff site is hypersaturated with terrible people. Why do you think that is? It’s like you’ve gone to ten different Klan rallies and been disgusted by how full of racism they are, so you show up at #11 and moralize at them when they start burning crosses about how shit, what the hell man, why is EVERY Klan rally I go to full assholes?

i think you guys are misunderstanding each other. Generally the trend is that gore sites are filled with literal nazis and shit, not just assholes or whatever. maybe gayrei is misunderstood in thinking that comments saying "jews are subhuman and should all be raped and killed" won't be removed, and you are maybe misunderstood in think that gayrei is talking about "tasteless comments" like the examples you mentioned. Could be wrong, but i think that's it.


Lol when this site started they made it seem like they wanted the nice chill vibe mmc had, most posts even said something to that effect. Sorry you guys didn't live up to your own expectations and promises?

And idk why my brain watches this stuff. After looking up some studies, not everyone who watches gore is a "klansmen" and actually, some humans are just drawn to things like this. For some, they're absolute degenerates who just want to watch people die, for others, it's a morbid curiosity.

MMC was actually a cool place that didn't act like a klan rally. You can have gore and be civil in comments. If y'all can't do that, sure, that's fine, but that's kinda why i came here in the first place. It was cool at the start and we devolved from there for "muh freedoms" lol

Resident dumbass

we devolved from there for "muh freedoms" lol

Sounds like you're just seething because it didn't devolve into "muh feelings" censorship.

I get my feelings hurt too sometimes, but I couldn't imagine having a policy where people only had to say nice things to me. You know why? Cuz I'm not a crybaby authoritarian little bitch.

Get the fuck over yourself.

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This is a funny one agreed with the sentiment

A decent amount of those are from rdrama users that have no interest in this site and just wanted to laugh at your pedophile struggle session.

They’re not, you didn’t need an account to view until about 20 hours ago. We’ve been averaging around 5 registrations per minute since then.


I said I don't get off to this shit, how is that moral high ground? Do you get off to this shit?

Make WPD Ablate Again

I just have ... plenty of mental health issues.

Obviously. Complaining about people saying stuff hasn't helped, so maybe video #8578493 of someone dying will surely cure your mental illnesses.

cute twink

I am not at all for supressing anything but the dumbfuckery is annoying what can we do though?

How bout no?

bless me with more coins so i can further my addiction to gambling.


Pls explain how i spend these coins and what you can even buy. Plssss??

coins are gathered through upvotes and downvotes, and can be used to purchase awards in the shop.


Thank you!

Where is the shop? I can't find it

bottom right corner.


I think I bought a train. Gonna get some flies next time.

How do you gamble?

comment !blackjack with whatever amount of coins you want to gamble. (100 coin minimum)

example: !blackjack100

as well as: !slots (minimum 10 coins)


Lmao so just because it’s a gore site we all have to become assholes ? Take this somewhere else - you can be funny about gore without calling the victims names

You are an asshole for watching it buddy.

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elaborate on that. What makes him an asshole for watching this stuff?


right i saw mod log get rid of so many reports on this post. fraud reports should temp ban lol

Not everybody who watches gore videos is a bad person irl.


Maybe if you’re watching for the wrong reasons

Shut up cute twink

Cool, can't wait for edge boys to choke out any interesting comment because they gotta post the slur of the week. Glad this site's comments are going to be as unusable as Bestgore's.

cute twink

You wish


God you got boring ass insults, hit me with something interesting you inbred chinless room-temp IQ motherfucker, or I'll fuck your dad and give him a son that he actually loves

notice that he didn't respond. this may be because you just fucking murdered him.

big stinkyhead![](https://media.giphy.com/media/QgcQLZa6glP2w/giphy.webp)

Stupid edgy comments are stupid and edgy

Resident dumbass

Then don't read them

Can you lower the res more? I can’t stand the amount of pixels it has.

This insult brought to you by Atari 2600

Thank you for making this website hate-free

While I agree that reporting is dumb and will do nothing but clog mod's mail, it's also true that this site is filled with edgelords. I don't like them personally, but I'll just downvote and move ahead.

Those same edgelords also complain about mental health threads and stuff like that. People like different things. If you don't, downvote, hide, move ahead. Stop giving that much importance to that kind of stupid feuds.


but I'll just downvote and move ahead.

You're literally smarter than everyone else here

Plus the people who come here thinking it's a spot to vent. There's a place, and a time, and this isn't it.

Umrzeć za Polskę

Bro for real. Not to be a dick but I'm not going to spend my time trying to comfort some fucking random. Get a fucking therapist cause we ain't it